Location Information

777 Main Location Map777 Main
777 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: 817-321-1100

Located in close proximity to Sundance Square, the Tarrant County Convention Center, premium hotels and the Bass Performance Hall, and within two blocks of the western hub for the Trinity Railway Express.

Parking at 777 Main

The garages associated with 777 Main are as follows:

East/Garage A
711 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, TX. 76102

Located on Commerce Street between 6th and 7th Streets – offering monthly and visitor Valet parking, as well as monthly self-park. Enter the garage from the North bound lane of Commerce Street only.

North/Garage B (Plaza Park)
615 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, TX. 76102

Located on Commerce Street between 5th and 6th Streets – unreserved self-park, monthly contract and visitor parking. Enter the garage from the West by using 5th Street, or from the East by using 6th Street (Spur 280 coming into downtown).

West/Garage C (Metro)
113 W. 6th St.
Fort Worth, TX. 76102

Located on 6th Street between Main and Houston Streets. Enter the garage from the West only, using 6th Street.

General Information/Rules & Regulations

After-hour Security escort service is available by calling 817-321-1777. (Please expect to provide a 10-15 minute notice.) A security officer will be dispatched and accompany building employees to any of the three garages associated with the complex. (We apologize that we are not able to offer escort services beyond the perimeter of the complex.)

  1. The garages are operated for the convenience of customers in 777 Main. Spaces are allocated by lease. Each lease is granted a particular number of parking spaces by the Landlord. Month-to-month parking may be granted based on availability.
  2. Visitors will be issued tickets at the Valet entrance and charged by the hour. Visitor parking fees will be paid at the Cashier's booth. Customers may set-up a validation account by calling Parking Systems of America at 817-810-9664.
  3. The garages are solely for the purpose of parking. Exercising in the garages is discouraged.
  4. Landlord is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. Parking is the responsibility of the customer. Doors should be locked and items inside should be kept out of sight.
  5. Close adherence must be made to parking spaces as assigned. Please note that certain spaces are designed for small or compact cars only.
  6. Habitual violators are subject to having parking privileges revoked.